The aim of V.I.H.T.A.L.I. is to guarantee support to the realization of evidence-based healthcare interventions, that are reliable and repeatable. V.I.H.T.A.L.I. disseminates the population-based medicine approach within different organizations and promotes the innovation of personalized medicine in the healthcare field. Moreover, the goals of V.I.H.T.A.L.I. include the systematic transfer of knowledge and competencies through the identification of the most relevant questions of biomedical research, the realization of inclusive projects, and the transparent and methodological dissemination of the results in support of the end users and decision-makers.


V.I.H.T.A.L.I. aims at providing a non-conventional basis for the health-related research activities by fostering the exchange of competencies, perspectives and experiences among experts coming from a wide network of different institutions and actors, from the public and private sectors, on a global and local level, from developed and developing country.
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  00135 Roma - Italy
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